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Double check the last sentence of your intro to see if it accurately presents your thesis.The compare and contrast essay is taught through modeling from the brainstorming phase through the first draft.

Who taught you—a parent, grandparent, older sibling, or teacher.Write a Literacy Narrative about an important experience that you had which has impacted your literacy.

Writers also often discover that they enjoy writing essays meant to be delivered out loud because hearing their own essays enables them to identify ways to improve them that are difficult to identify in print alone.Your essay should tell the story of your experience effectively, so that your readers understand the experience and are sufficiently engaged in your narrative to feel its importance to you. (5 points).For this project, you will choose a formative moment or experience in.Both Audacity and GarageBand can export files in mp3 format, but if you use other applications, you may need to also use a converter to convert the file into mp3 format.If you choose this option, you will write an essay that is similar in concept to those showcased on the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, but instead of writing about how you developed print-based literacy skills (reading and writing traditional alphabetic text), you will write about how you developed digital literacy skills.

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That translates to about five to eight minutes of recorded audio narration without any sound effects, or up to a maximum length of ten minutes with sound effects.

This essay assignment is intended for high school students and to be taught at the beginning of the school year.

So you have some latitude in adopting a style and approach that feels appropriate for your subject matter, your audience, and the intended purpose of the assignment (as explained above).In school, were there any writing assignments that you found challenging or illuminating.

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Even if your mind goes blank for a moment, keep writing the same word over and over, keeping the rhythm of the pen moving.

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Explore the significance of books and the written word in your life with this writing.

The first major assignment in this English course was to analyze the strongest and most prominent influences on our literacy up to this point in our lives.Spencer - English 101 Spring 2013 Purpose: This assignment is designed to encourage a personal reflection on your literacy.The body section should be organized into sections that cover specific ideas or examples that illustrate your thesis.

Try not to lift your pen from the paper for more than a second.

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For resources to help students with audio essays, check out these category and tag archives.I got so frustrated with these words and trying to determine if my sentences were constructed properly at the same time - I finally asked my teacher which was more important, knowing how to write or knowing these words.

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Here are some specific topics you might focus on as you engage in discovery activities.

This section provides a description of an essay writing assignment.An audio essay is a particular mode of communication that works better for some types of messages than for others.Dialogue can help bring people to life and make the story more dynamic.The conclusion should wrap up your discussion by offering closing thoughts on the issues you raised.Creative Writing 101 Writing Prompts to Inspire You by Earl S.Literacy Narrative Instructions Florida International University.Just wanted to thank Painted Seahorse for getting rid of my writers block.

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