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It is believed that disease and even death may befall those who violate the dead and their sacred resting place, but archaeologists have long dug up human remains to learn about culture and health-related matters.

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Males are more likely than females to drop out of high school but males are more likely if they stay in school to go onto college.While it is clear that some Europeans genuinely admired American Indians, the popular mainstream culture throughout the period of the Westward Movement portrayed Native Americans as savages.Sioux Indian Research. Updated. Petition and Papers Relative to certain Lower.Coolidge, Dane and Mary Roberts Coolidge. 1930. The Navajo Indians.While significant improvement to the quality of life on reservations has been made in recent years, many who reside on these reservations continue to face severe hardships and share less in the affluence of modern society than any other minority group.Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.Thus, terrorism can be defined as the deliberate generation, instillation, and exploitation of fear into a competing group, party, government, or public opinion through violence or the threat of violence with the goal of introducing political change (Noble 1998).

Tinker (2004:104) suggests that missionaries of all denominations failed because they did not recognize the personhood of Indian people and that the indigenous communities are being swallowed up in a cultural genocide.Moskowitz, Ira and John Collier. 1949. Patterns and Ceremonials of the Indians of the Southwest.The Rapid City Indian School was converted to a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1932, perhaps prophetically, since it had been a breeding ground for trachoma, measles, tuberculosis, injury, and other diseases (Reyhner and Eder 2004:154).

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This lesson offers ways to have students actively engage in research that will expose them to Native.

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Archuleta, Margaret and Rennard Strickland. 1991. Shared Visions: Native American Painters and Sculptors in the Twentieth Century.For example, the Inde or Apache are dynamically evolving today among the 41 U.S. groups that identify as Apache.Romain, William F. 2000. Mysteries of the Hopewell: Astronomers, Geometers, and Magicians in the Eastern Woodlands.

Keeping the religion sacred, was once an issue because of missionaries and other Euro American influences that tried to wipe out the cultural identities of these people.Basket-making appears to have been practiced by many tribes who developed an almost endless variety of forms, styles, and patterns of baskets (Hollister 1903:10).The Apache burial and mortuary practices also are similar to those of the Plains Indians.The Aztecs gave pineapples, barbecue, chili, peppers, chocolate, popcorn, and sweet potatoes.As the civil rights movement emerged in the twentieth century, the focus of this movement was primarily integrationist.

The casino industry serves as a major source of revenue, and tribal casinos represent a relatively new shift in federal policy toward Native Americans.Traditional hunting and farming ways were lost, and other food sources were destroyed.Nonetheless, the enforced acculturation of Native American Indian tribes has led to a loss of much tribal cultural tradition, and the consequences, as noted by Deloria (1969), Sheehan (1973), Steiner (1968), and Frazier (2000), are great.Evil is also embellished with meaning, with the ultimate evil often portrayed as death.Flood, Renee Sansom. 1995. Lost Bird of Wounded Knee: Spirit of the Lakota.

Native Americans engage in rituals and practices that reflect their religious beliefs pertaining to death and spiritual afterlife.Even much of the land is not owned by the tribe or by individual Indians as much of it has either been sold or the owners have lost the title to these lands through less than honest dealings (Kidwell and Velie 2005:50).This sample Native American Art Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

These same animals are thanked for giving their lives to aid the living.The Apache developed into several divisions or tribal groups.Unlike other minorities, American Indians were dominated by rigid, paternalistic government rules and regulations.The kinship system places relatives at the center of social activity, and children spend a great deal of time with grandparents and other relatives.Three of the major issues are unemployment, education, and loss of cultural identity.

In each of these areas, we can identify a critical sociology, one that takes to task the underlying assumption of the corresponding mainstream sociology.Cultures with oral traditions can travel back as far as the chain of memory will allow.

The myths, sacred stories, songs, and epics are models for living, oral traditions from ancestors and other sacred beings.Critical Sociology Research Paper This sample Critical Sociology research paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.Because of such acts, many tribes are reluctant to discuss their practices with contemporary researchers.The Apache offered walnuts, strawberries, onions, grapes, and stews (Melody 1989:24), and corn was cultivated in the Americas 6,000 to 8,000 years ago (Doherty and Doherty 1991:40).Some have cedar beams that were 12 to 15 inches in diameter, but no trees are found near the cliffs, signifying that they were transported from elsewhere (Hollister 1903:34).

The Apache are matrilineal and matrilocal societies that trace their heritage through the family of the female (Sherman 1996:104).Tribal groups gave much to Europeans, including the sharing of food.Native American Essay Essays: Over 180,000 Native American Essay Essays, Native American Essay Term Papers, Native American Essay Research Paper, Book Reports. 184.Children create a report about Native American culture, food, and shelter by researching the answers to questions posed in this printable.As tribal control of education has increased in recent years, colleges began to teach tribal history, language, and culture.Many of the Native Americans belief systems have merged with those of the surrounding communities.Embree, Edwin R. 1939. Indians of the Americas: Historical Pageant.

Stolzman, William. 1986. How to Take Part in Lakota Ceremonies.Also, the largest age groups are the baby-boomers (ages 49-62) and children.Nonetheless, these tribal cultures prospered with a multitude of informal social control mechanisms that included exclusive hunting privileges reserved to the more powerful tribes in designated geographical boundaries.Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters.Alvord, Lori Arviso and Elizabeth Cohen Van Pelt. 1999. The Scalpel and the Silver Bear.Find other free essays, term papers, dissertations on History topics.Teachers may want to preview video clips from television shows or movies such as: The Lone Ranger, Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, and Stagecoach.