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Never in my life have I ever seen such a disgraceful and disrespectful exchange between a Manager and a customer.

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So we go to the Drive thru, first thing she said was we close in 5 mins so do tou want to wait on the food after we put the order in, we responded back and said yes.When customers visit the official Burger King website, they have the ability to review the menu options, find nutritional information and learn more about the corporate responsibility program.And as a veteran, she treated me with great respect, which is very much appreciated.He seems to genuinly care about his job and the employees that are working with him.I was given a to go bag even though I had planned to eat there.

My coffee was cold (very cold) tasted like it was made with cold water.My husband and I went there to use the buy one get one free crossiant.I had worst experience ever today, where i had to literally discard the meal i bought with the fear of getting my kids sick.I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements.I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our younger generation.As a Burger king customer, how was your experience contact the customer service department.I have gone to this Burger King for over 20 years and never go to another burger place, but I am having second thoughts now.

While serving it to my kids i thought what if there are many flies in their kitchen too and what if my kids get sick because of it.We pulled in late and only ordered chicken nuggets for a hungry teenager.GUEST TRAC is a trademark and brand of BURGER KING CORPORATION.

I ordered 2 Ham Egg Chz Croissant and wanted them cooked fresh.Tim Hortons and Burger King to Operate as Independent Brands.Take your survey card along with coupon code validation number into Burger King to receive your prize.I am a big burger king fan hopefully they can be replaced with adults who can do the job.When problems and concerns regarding levels of service, the company wants to know in order to address the issue.I went to breakfast today with my husband this morning, he had his heart set on sausage biscuits.

A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot.Contact details including address, telephone number and email for complaining to Burger King.

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It offends me that you used this young woman as a sex object to promote your burger.The general manager Daniel Tapia always has a negative attitude and constantly makes me reverse or pull up in the drive thru when there are no cars in line.Is there any way you can start making half salads for people who diet.

I go to this Burger King because it is right next to the last stop on my route and I get it for my Daughter as she loves Burger king.I have had problems with the mentally challenged Sunday staff there before.I was sorry to hear your employees have to work so late on Christmas Eve.I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the right to purchase any burger king product.On your Android app, under Hash Brown Burrito you have listed No Allergens however the description states that it contains cheese.We ordered our food noting that there was no precooked stock of burgers etc under the lights, so realised it would take a short time to cook.There were three of us waiting in the drive thru that had placed our orders.

Anonymous You barely write English yet you call someone else simple -.I was at my local Burger King in Dixon Illinois last nite, around 5p.The Bk staff at qurum in muscat oman charged me for three sandwiches and delivered only two, he even did not give the bill.Enter the Burger King restaurant number printed on the front of your survey invitation card.What impressed me about this visit was the care and attention 3 of the female staff showed an elderly man that was obviously having a medical emergency.I called over the assistant, who had served us, Megan, who at that stage apologised and said she would get the manager.

Fast food is competitive and good advice to you is to put out a good product.You are (in my opinion) selling sex to your younger audience and not the burger.In this day and age you might consider that you have been an American company and supported America.Where I live there is every fast food joint known to man with in 3 miles of the house.At either rate this is not how a Burger King is suppose to be, this is the only Burger King that I encounter this problem.

It dosent matter if they are busy (the wait is worst) or slow you still have to wait.Why dont u alls either ge the damn thing fixs or takes it down for good.tvery frusturted still over 2 months it still not delt with so wat happening here.

The shift manager, Olivia then started probing the food and chuntering away to the other member of staff, Megan.Customers wanting to send a message to the customer service department at the corporate offices will need to send correspondence here.BK in Del Rio, Texas called the police on me after I placed my order for no reason.John told him would take a few minutes for the biscuits to b ready which was fine.