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Selected Expert Perspectives on Ezekiel 38-39 Related to Current World Events with Resulting Influence on Ministry Practices.The ultimate goal was to describe the experience of living fatherless.Case Studies of the Disaster Relief Efforts of the Disaster Relief Efforts of Selected Churches in Response to Hurricane Katrina.The case studies profile both Pastor Alan Ginn from Chinese Grace Bible Church in Sacramento, CA. and Pastor Wes Ong from Laguna Baptist Church in Elk Grove, CA.What can be deduced is that though the generational transfer of leadership was unintentional, it was successful.A Correlation Between the Profession and Practice of Prayer in the Local Church: Three Case Studies.Case Studies of the Challenges Faced by Selected Churches in Establishing Church-based Institutes.Now, at the end of the fourth semester, a clearer picture of the issues is available.

Areas of measurable spiritual development were developed, incorporated didactically into the series and emphasized throughout the planned sermons.A literature review examines the New Testament words and texts related to the diaconate and the practice of deacon ministry from the first century to the present day.An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Selected Church Discipleship Programs.The data collected was compared with standard church growth principles and literature to determine the barriers to church growth experienced by these ministries.Third, the evaluation demonstrates that the e3 Partners model is effective for personal evangelism training in modern Russia.An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of International Tract Society Tracts in Selected Countries.

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The case study section reveals the changes in ministry and leadership attained by those who have transitioned from church administrator to executive pastor.The dynamic learner was drastically underrepresented at JETS with only 7 percent of the student body (as compared to 20-25 points in the West).Often these are small churches in various stages of stagnation or decline.

More specifically, eleven biblical-theoretical dimensions are identified and organized into six measurable variables of Christian education based on the DSSI.The procedures, used by Berean Mission, Inc and UFM International, were described to provide a model for mergers of mission agencies.A questionnaire revealed that the hypotheses are true in certain situations, but there are different perspectives in understanding those results.Church discipline is a moderately significant factor in reducing forced pastoral exits by thirty-nine percent.To validate the hypothesis, two leaders were chosen who pastor visibly successful churches.The study evaluated 531 volunteer respondents to a Web based study and determined that they had a common preference for two particular classes of argumentation: cosmologic and ontologic.The Impact of the Intentional Interim Ministry Program on the Participating Churches of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.Design and Evaluation of a Training Manual for Families to Instruct Children in Basic Biblical Doctrines.The implications for parents are large, and the responsibility is great.

Its opened with a literature review that examines the following: (1) the cultural differences between the immigrant generation and their children, (2) the need for leadership pipeline, and (3) how communication can best be accomplished between the generations.A model was developed to determine how a pastor would lead an effective process of change in an established church.This applied research project will examine Generation X and their attitudes towards contemporary Sunday school literature.Models of mergers from both the business and nonprofit sectors were examined to determine the necessary procedures for successful mergers.

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These are questions that began to identify and evaluate the traits in healthy couples.

These churches define the role of deacon scripturally as a role of service, possess carefully constructed job descriptions for which deacons are trained, hold deacons accountable for their assigned roles, and reward or affirm deacons for faithful service in the church.This applied research project first explores biblical foundations for measuring characteristics of Christian education programs.Their responses were scored based upon the actual duties of board membership, as documented in Chapter Two.An Evaluation of The T-Net Program as Implemented at New Durham Chapel.An Evaluation of an Intensive Expository Series and Other Supplemental Contributing Factors to Help Believers in Christ Overcome Habitual Sin.

The result of this project was that rebranding in the church can result in the three positive dynamics that are expressed in the hypotheses.The researcher carried out the process of evaluation by interviewing lead pastors and surveying their staff members.Case studies of the T-net training program used in selected churches.This study sought to develop and test a model to train church planters in Eastern Europe.

The results of the study validate the hypotheses and positively answer the research question.The research procedures section demonstrates the rational for choosing the case study method of research to draw a clearer understanding of the thesis.Zaporozhye Bible College is one such ministry, initiated through a partnership between Greater Europe Mission and the local Baptist Union of Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

It seeks to validate the hypothesis that the styles of these three black preachers will reveal transferable principles that can be applied to the preaching style of other preachers.However, the research did not confirm my hypothesis that these organizations have a significantly lower per capita giving, nor did it confirm my hypothesis that they tend to be younger than their counterparts.Christian Heritage and Doctrinal Development: An Applied Curriculum for Adults in the Local Church.Below is a list of suggested topics that can be used for the purpose of research dissertations.On the hypothesis that few churches sponsoring Christian schools are training members who are parents of students in these schools in evangelism, the project surveyed churches that sponsor schools and are also members of either the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) or Texas Association of Baptist Schools (TABS).

Chapter three addresses the first hypothesis, revealing the current allocation of manpower, finances, space, and programming resources at Oakwood Community Church.You can find a topic that interests you from the list of sample dissertation topics given below.