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I just wish you could make the font look bigger while typing and possibly make it white on black for better visibility for those of us that type for hours.Enter a read-only password to only allow document browsing and not modification.

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There is a paid version of the software that adds on some extra functionality, but the free version is more than adequate and fully compatible with Word and WordPad documents.Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation Ended Apr 3, 2015 Sorry.

I have wanted to find an app like this FOREVER, now I have found it.And maybe a view mode where you could just view it or put it into a scrapbook or something.Our single page application website ensures a supreme speed of all your operations.Started using this because i was sick of loosing work with documents to go.If printing the type is itty-bitty, difficult to find to attach to email or message.As the software is open source it is maintained by a large community meaning help and bug fixes are freely available and quickly created.This paired with SwiftKey 3 keyboard made for the perfect writing experience.Recommended Configurations: CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz or higher.

While I would still remember those parts it would be better if I could just undo my action.Cross-Reference: It offers cross-reference functions which refer to an item that appears in another location in a document.It is near impossible to export your documents, even with the use of a file manager.It can plug into Echosign for digital signatures, publish the document to a blog or make it public for all to see.You can enable Google Docs offline access and keep editing your documents even when you are disconnected from Internet.Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.Full Review Russell Mitchem June 29, 2013 Good app I enjoy using this app.It can count pages, words, characters (with or without spaces) and paragraphs.

Also, it offers some additional benefits of online software tools.Some will be online and some will be downloadable applications that can be installed on your local computer, but all will enable you to wean yourself off of Microsoft Word and still be productive.

Or, you can create a specific type of document by starting with a template.Features include Windows Vista compatibility, an ergonomic tabbed interface, small resource requirements and quick loading time.As a free word processor, Kingsoft Writer is more powerful compared with any other similar software, regardless of interface, operation, or storage format.If not SpeedyPaper help, I dont know how could I manage with my college task.Download Express WPS Office 2016 Business WPS Office 2016 Free WPS Office 2016 Beta Office Suite for Android newest.

If you are working for a software development company or other similar employer, you may need to come up with.As in a copy to sd card option (not auto save), where I could save a milestone version somewhere safe at the tap of a save button.All you have to do is press the paste button before the work gets accidentally deleted.And just a suggestion but if you could also make the app so that you can send the files. E.g attach it to an email on outlook or somthing.

One of its advantages, especially appealing to users who are reluctant to use services which require email registration, is that there is no sign up with Etherpad.The app never freezes or closes suddenly and is very reliable.How to Write on a PDF Without Adobe Juanita McDowell. Loading. How to Create a PDF Document - Duration:.

Mail Merge: A Mail Merging feature enables you to generate many documents at once that contain identical formatting, layout, text, graphics, and more in which only certain portions of each document vary.Technical writing tutorial Purpose: To learn how to communicate technical information in writing.The number of pages, academic level and deadline determine the price. 3 Submit payment details All payments are being processed by secure Payment system.I see the potential there but not having an undo as well fills me with dread since I know what it is like to lose work.Going from a blank page to a polished document is easier than ever with innovative.

NeoOffice is an office software suite made for Mac OS X users.Google Docs allows you to create, collaborate and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and even forms.

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It seems to be somewhat random, but occurs more often if I leave a document open and exit the app.